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Your network needs to stay reliable in order to access the cloud-based resources that businesses are using at an increasing rate. Network support includes services such as traffic prioritization, traffic monitoring, web filtering and router/switch maintenance. We will also document and diagram your network for ease of troubleshooting if issues arise.

Network Design

Uniting your office systems can increase productivity and merge valued components. Trust your network design and security to Interface’s experienced team of network specialists.

Your network infrastructure design is a vital component of your office space, while cabling and switches are a critical element in the backbone of your network. Laying the proper groundwork for the connections between your office machines and peripherals will ensure smooth communication between all users connected to your network.

In an established office, one may find a tangle of cascading hubs and mini switches, born from rapid expansion and poor IT advice. Troubleshooting is made infinitely more difficult and time-consuming when a network is poorly designed. Interface can consolidate and improve your existing layout to ensure that your resources are being used to their full potential, and recommend dependable solutions to optimize your network security.

Network Documentation

Interface Technologies can create a detailed, easy to read network topology to provide you with a greater understanding of your hardware and software. This allows you to keep track of machines, peripherals, user data, software and any other aspects of your network. Network documentation also allows outside consultants to easily and familiarize themselves with your structure.

Network Documentation makes disaster recovery and business continuity more streamlined and less stressful. It also allows less technically-inclined staff to administrate and approve changes to the network. This footprint will guide you through future upgrades, troubleshooting and potential disasters with greater confidence.

Need a completely new network? We also do physical cabling and network setup.

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